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When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, many options are available. One of the most popular ways to invest in crypto at the moment is through launchpads. This article will examine what they are and what the best crypto launchpad for beginners is.

You first need to understand that not all crypto launchpads are created equal. For beginners, it is essential to choose a user-friendly platform that offers a wide selection of coins. In addition, the platform should provide educational resources to help beginners learn more about the world of cryptocurrency, how to invest, and how to keep assets safe.

What is A Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that helps projects raise capital by selling their tokens to investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as stable coins or the blockchain’s coin (BTC, ETH, EGLD, etc.).

In most cases, the launchpad will provide the project with an allocation of funds that they can use to develop their business. The project will then sell its tokens through the launchpad to raise the necessary capital to build its product.

The benefits of using a crypto launchpad include access to a broader pool of investors and a simplified and streamlined process for raising capital. In addition, launchpads can provide valuable resources and support to projects during their development phase. Overall, using a crypto launchpad can be a helpful way for projects to gain exposure and raise funds.

Why are Crypto Launchpads Important?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that helps new cryptocurrencies to launch and gain traction. There are many launchpads available, each with its advantages and disadvantages. However, all launchpads share one common goal: to help new projects succeed.

Crypto launchpads provide several services, including access to capital, marketing assistance, and technical support. They also offer a degree of legitimacy and credibility essential for attracting users and investors. In addition, most launchpads require a rigorous vetting process, which helps ensure only high-quality projects are accepted. Thus, crypto launchpads play an essential role in developing the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

How Does a Crypto Launchpad Work?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that helps blockchain projects raise funds and increase exposure. Typically, a launchpad will provide financial support and mentorship to help a project get off the ground. In exchange, the project will offer tokens to investors at a discounted rate.

how does a crypto launchpad work 8291

This structure provides an opportunity for early backers to get in on a project at a lower price while also helping to ensure that the project has the resources it needs to succeed. As a result, Crypto launchpads have become an increasingly popular way to launch a blockchain project and have helped to drive the growth of the blockchain industry.

What is the Difference Between ICO and IDO?

When it comes to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), there is a lot of confusion surrounding the various terms and abbreviations. One such term is IDO, which stands for Initial DEX Offering. While an ICO is a way for a company to raise funds by selling tokens or crypto coins, an IDO is a way to list its tokens on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

The main difference between the two lies in who provides the liquidity. In an ICO, the company sells its tokens to investors, who then offer liquidity. In an IDO, the company sells its tokens to a DEX, providing liquidity.

While both methods have advantages and disadvantages, IDOs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer more transparency and security. On the other hand, ICOs are great ways to raise capital for their project before listing on exchanges, giving a higher initial investment for project security as tokens are often vested (unable to be sold) for a specific time because of the smart contract.

Best Crypto Launchpad for Beginners

There are many launchpads available. Some are better than others, and some are more reputable than others. In this section, we will take a look at the best cryptocurrency launchpads available. We will also provide an overview of each launchpad so you can make an informed decision.

Always research the launchpads thoroughly, and assess their projects before investing.

Best Crypto Launchpad for Beginners – BHero Launchpad

the BHero Launchpad is a new initiative that provides access to resources and mentorship for entrepreneurs looking to join the Web 3.0 movement. The program is designed to level the playing field and help founders from diverse backgrounds build successful companies with blockchain technology.


The launchpad will provide participants with access to funding, advice, guidance, and support through the current cryptocurrency regulations’ turbulent waters. The launched program is open to entrepreneurs looking to build on the Elrond blockchain. Still, it is mainly geared towards current web 2.0 businesses with history and success in the “regular” business world.

With the launchpad, BHero is committed to fostering a more inclusive and equitable tech ecosystem and bringing more adoption to Elrond. One of the biggest reasons you should look into the BHero launchpad is how easy they make the process, even for complete newcomers to the crypto industry.

The decentralized incubator of BHero has already seen the launchpad’s first project, their own BH Network, raise over $4M in investments for freelancers looking to negate the daily issues with blockchain, and they are currently working on NF-Tim by Creative Tim, a software development company offering huge perks for their NFT owners.

Look at the BHero website for more information, or visit the Telegram group if you have any questions or want to participate in the next launch – it’s a big one!

Maiar Launchpad

Maiar Launchpad is the original project launchpad by the Elrond network, announced in April 2021. Elrond believes that it is not always the technical or product problems that cause the most significant issues but the distribution of knowledge and building of a strong community.

maiar launchpad 51037

The Maiar Launchpad aims to be a catalyst for new technology built on the Elrond blockchain, allowing them to tap into decentralized funding, an already passionate community, and join forces with partners, investors, and everyone else in the ecosystem.

Being the first legally compliant launchpad on the Elrond blockchain, Maiar will help all projects that go through the launchpad be as legally compliant as themselves, giving them a great headstart into the future.

Maiar has already seen the launch of Audi-backed Holoride, turning journies into hyper-immersive experiences by combining navigational and vehicle data with XR, and is now launching Itheum, a data platform for Web3 and the Metaverse.


Solanium, a launchpad-only platform for the Solana blockchain, allows $SLIM stakers to buy into new, KYC-enabled projects with time-weighted staking via five tiers. Two of those tiers (4&5) provide guaranteed ticket allocation for new projects, but you need a minimum of 10,000 xSLIM to be eligible for tier 4.

solanium 50974

One of the most significant completed projects on Solanium at the moment is ProtoReality Games, with a hard-cap of 2M USDC. They are also launching MIRL, the first decentralized fashion brand in the metaverse with a hard-cap of 440,000 USDC.

If you are interested in the metaverse, gaming, and NFTs, Solanium is not a bad place to start.


solrazr 37686

Solrazr is another launchpad platform in the Solana ecosystem with KYC integration. Primarily focusing on Metaverse and NFT projects, Solrazr has completed seven projects, including Starbots, an NFT Play-to-Earn robot battle game for desktops, and Hubble, a censorship-resistant stablecoin (USDH) on Solana with zero-interest borrowing and over 85% of fees distributed to HBB Stakers.

Seedify Fund

Seedify Fund is a blockchain gaming-focused launchpad and incubator bringing Play-to-Earn games to the Binance Smart chain. In the first year, Seedify Fund launched over 50 projects with over 4,500 participants per IGO (Initial Game Offering).

seedify fund 22623

Some of their most successful IGOs were Bloktoptia, a blockchain VR game backed by Polygon whose ATH was 712x, and Cryowar, a next-gen multiplayer game based around PVP NFT gaming developed in Unreal Engine.

If blockchain gaming is your thing, Seedify is another excellent place to look.

DAO Maker

DAO Maker is an innovative company that provides SaaS solutions for crypto startups. They have created the world’s first multi-investment platform, allowing Dao token holders to participate in early-stage funding rounds of vetted upcoming projects with high potential returns on their investments!

dao maker 52047

DAO Maker is a company that provides incubation services, operations, and advisory to blockchain-based projects. In addition, they have another flagship product – social mining, which rewards community members with their native token helping promote awareness in return for participation, incentivizing more liquidity while growing holders of this cryptocurrency all at once.

Some of the most notable projects on the DAO Maker website include Orion Protocol (ORN) and Infinity Pad (IPAD).


The first part of the Polkabridge IDO protocol will allow PBR token holders to participate in exciting concepts and high-yielding crypto projects from an early stage. That means they have a chance at significant profit margins previously available only for those with large capital or resources, but not both. So far this year alone, we’ve seen staking pools come out and deflationary farming – and a new smart contract implementation too.

polkabridge 47993

The launchpad has allowed fundraising in ETH, BNB, MATIC, and MOVR. However, to participate in any IDO projects, you need to stake around 500-3,000 PBR tokens. (Number taken from the Polkabridge Medium page).


The Avalaunch platform is a scalable and high-throughput launch pad for new projects that want to get into the market quickly with help from knowledgeable users. Avalaunch (XAVA) is a crypto-based platform that rewards long-term participants and promotes broad distribution.

avalaunch 29053

Avalaunch offers:

  • Auto-buy to allow participants to auto-buy their allocation in the sale period
  • Purchase unsold tokens up to half their allocation amount or $300, whichever is greater.
  • Locked tokens multiplier

Avalaunch has already seen the release of projects such as Colony (CLY), a community-driven accelerator, evolving into an inclusive DAO designed to boost Avalanche’s ecosystem growth, raise $2M, and Bold Point (BPT), an NFT-based RPG where players interact with other users and get rewards for their crafting skills in the real world, raise $1.5M,

Binance Launchpad

Binance is one of the biggest names in the crypto world, and it is no surprise they have its launchpad. However, with Binance being a decentralized exchange platform, these are not IDOs, but IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings).

binance launchpad 21218

As of May 2022, the Binance launchpad had already helped over 60 projects to raise funds since 2019, such as the Alpine F1 team fan token (ALPINE) and League of Kingdoms (LOKA) a leading blockchain MMO game.

Are Crypto Launchpads Safe?

Yes and no.

Regulated launchpads such as BHero, Binance Launchpad, and Maiar Launchpad are generally safe. However, many launchpads are unregulated, and some have been accused of fraud. In addition, others may not have the financial backing to make good on their promises. As a result, you must do your due diligence before investing through a launchpad.

Despite the risks, crypto launchpads can be a great way to get involved with new projects. Just be cautious and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Are Crypto Launchpads Regulated?

As mentioned above, some launchpads are regulated, and some are not. Therefore, always look for regulated launchpads before investing.

Are Crypto Launchpads Easy to Use?

Yes, many launchpads are very easy to use. However, do not always look for ease of use. Many of the easiest platforms are also unregulated; while regulated launchpads are a little more complicated because of KYC and AML procedures, they are far better options.

Who can launch their Project on a Crypto Launchpad?

Any cryptocurrency project can apply to launch their projects via a launchpad. However, some unregulated launchpads may not vet the projects, whereas the regulated launchpads are more likely to rigorously vet each project before incubating or launching them.

If you are building a new project or NFT and would like to apply for the BHero launchpad, please visit our homepage and click the Accelerator Program button.


So many cryptocurrency launchpads are available that it can be challenging to keep up with. However, this article has gone through some of the best launchpads for beginners. However, one thing to remember is that ease of use is not always on the top of their priority lists.

BHero, the cryptocurrency project and NFT launchpad on the Elrond network, is possibly the most accessible platform for beginners, as there are only four or five steps, depending on the project, all laid out on one page.

If you have any questions about our launchpad, please visit the Telegram group and ask away.

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