BH Agents NFTs FAQ


First of all, the main thing any BH Agent holder should understand is that every NFT of the collection is important.

BH Agents
BH Agents

BH Agents NFTs FAQ

What is important when collecting and holding BH Agents?

It is each individual’s choice to decide what matters more, and holders can put a price on an NFT in their own way, considering any aspect they think is important. However, there are three approaches to judging the “value” of each NFT:

  1. By the Rank (From Private to Golden Colonel). – We designed the BH Agents collection mainly around the 8 Ranks that you can find either by checking the metadata/attributes or visually following the chest badge and shoulders.
  2. By Beauty (based on attributes and color composition). – Some design enthusiasts will find value in the visual beauty of the NFTs, the presence or absence of specific attributes, or the color compositions.
  3. By Rarity / Rarity Based Rank. – Some NFT collectors will consider the rarity Rank more important. This rank is based on the attribute occurrences among the collection. The lower the attribute occurrence, the higher it rises the rarity-based Rank. The collection JSON will show you all the occurrences.

Will I get airdrops and perks for all the NFTs I hold?

Yes, all airdrops and perks are per NFT. If you hold multiple NFTs in the wallet, all the NFTs will be eligible for the airdrops.

There is one exception, the BHero leveling bonus algorithm only considers the highest rank you own (from Private to Golden Colonel).

If I hold more than 1 NFT, will they multiply my BHero level?

No, just the best rank (from Private to Golden Colonel) from the wallet is considered by the algorithm.

Will I get the airdrops and perks while the NFTs are listed on marketplaces?

Getting airdrops and perks while NFTs are listed on marketplaces depends on the marketplace rules and mode of operation. For example, some marketplaces take the NFT out of your wallet; others do not until the point of sale.

The NFT will still get the airdrop, but the holder must claim it. If the holder sells the NFT without claiming the airdrop or perk, the new holder can claim them.

People will also be able to check the claimable perks and airdrops of an NFT even if they don’t hold it to judge if it is worth buying for a particular perk or airdrop.

Will the other traits besides the Rank count for any future airdrop/perk?

Yes. Airdrops, perks, and special events will be influenced by other traits such as chest tag numbers, colors, and special features.

What other airdrops and perks will the NFTs offer?

When it comes to airdrops and perks, the sky is the limit. We will try to get airdrops from all the partner projects and from projects that want to use our NFTs as an excellent way to show their work.

  • Airdrops will include things from tokens and NFTs to physical objects and merch.
  • Perks will include discounts on various shops, gyms, festivals, events, and courses.

Where can I buy/sell/trade BH Agents?

On any Elrond NFT Marketplace. We recommend:

Where do I find more about the perks when they appear?

We will announce them on social media and in telegram groups.

They will be listed on your My BHero page, and you will be able to claim them.

Where can I read more about this collection?



Every Rank has its role in the whole BHattalion.

Mainly, all the perks and airdrops grow in strength from Private to Golden Colonel. However, holders should not disregard the lower ranks such as Privates and Green Corporals because there will also be certain perks and airdrops just for one specific rank.

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Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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