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As we mentioned before, BH Agents is not a regular NFT collection that encourages focusing on marketplaces rarity scores/ranks but a collection that acts like a whole army, in which every NFT matters in one way or another.

We kept saying the Army Ranks attributes (from Private to Golden Colonel) are the most important for perks and airdrops distribution. Still, holders should not underestimate any other attribute or believe that a Private or Green Colonel is less important than the other higher Ranks; because every NFT matters.

This is one of the long-term events that will prove there are other important attributes besides the Ranks.

We are glad to present you the Weekly Chest Tag Lottery that will randomly give equal chances to all the BH Agents NFTs no matter what Rank badge they wear on their chest.

How the Chest Tag Lottery Works

This weekly Lottery is based on the 4 Chest Tag NFT Traits. These can be seen visually on the NFTs images too. They are the last 4 numbers/letters from the chest tag.

Weekly Chest Tag Lottery
Weekly Chest Tag Lottery


BH Agent Chest Tag
BH Agent Chest Tag

Each of these 4 traits are designed randomly and has 36 variations (0-9 Numbers and 26 letters). Every week a combination of these traits is randomly generated. NFT Holders that have the same traits will get rewards from a rewards pool, filled weekly, from metabonding, and some staking rewards. Winning NFTs must meet the weekly randomly generated combination in the following way:

  • Match in order. It does not matter if you have 1 of the number or letter; your NFT has to have the previous trait too.
  • Not only the holders that have the perfect 4 combination will win but also those having 2 or 3 matching traits. They will win less than the big winner.


The Weekly random generated combination: a 5 d 1

  • NFT 1 has a v 2 3. It matches just the first trait. Therefore, it is not a winner because he matched just 1, the first trait.
  • NFT 2 has a 5 c 3. It matches the first 2 traits. Therefore, it is a winner. It will get a share from the 2 Numbers Winners Reward Pool.
  • NFT 3 has a 5 d v. It matches the first 3 traits. Therefore, it is a winner. It will get a share from the 3 Numbers Winners Reward Pool.
  • NFT 4 has a 5 d 1. It matches all 4 traits. It is the winner. Therefore, it will get the 4 Numbers Winner Jackpot Pool.

BH Agents Chest Tag Lottery Prizes

Every Thursday, BH Network will distribute from the project’s internal streams 100$ worth of BHAT Tokens in 3 public wallet addresses that will act as Reward Pools.

The 100$ worth of BHAT will be distributed weekly as follows:

  • 2 Numbers Winners Pool (15% of the weekly amount)
  • 3 Numbers Winners Pool (25% of the weekly amount)
  • 4 Numbers Winner Pool (60% of the weekly amount)

If there is no winner after a draw, prizes are saved for the next rounds and sum up with each new weekly amount.

Drawing, Distribution, and Conditions

The drawing of the 4 traits randomly generated combination will be done at a random time on Fridays via Live Youtube Sessions.

Distribution will be done via transaction airdrop. BH Network will send the rewards to the winning NFT Holders.

Distribution will not be done instantly after the draw but at one point on Friday, so holding NFTs in the wallet on Fridays is the only thing the participants should do.

To be eligible for the lottery airdrop, one has to hold the NFT in their wallet on Fridays.
Listed NFTs will not be considered.

Holders can get more rewards if they have more Winning NFTs, so holding more NFTs offer more chances to hit 2, 3, or even 4 traits.

May the odds be with you!

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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