BH Agents Perks System


The BH Agents Perks System is finally here, and you can start reaping the fruits of holding BH Agent NFTs by following this link:

BH Agents Perks System

The aim of the Perks System is to keep the most passionate BH Network community members incentivized to hold an NFT – the project’s community asset. BH Agents NFTs are the gateway to an endless stream of airdrops, discounts, and other special perks resulting from developing various partnerships with projects, brands, and other businesses.

There are two ways of interacting with the Perk System:

1. Checking the Perks of Your Own BH Agents NFTs and Claiming Them

After connecting to with your wallet (Maiar App, Maiar DeFi Wallet, Ledger, Elrond Web Wallet), you will be able to see all your BH Agents and select them to check all the perks linked to every NFT you own.

Perks have a starting date and an expiration date.

After a perk starts, you can choose between claiming it or keeping it unclaimed from your NFT.

A. If you choose to claim it, not only will you get the benefits of the perk, but it will also be visible as claimed to anyone searching that NFT in the system by its index. Make sure you think twice before claiming because you can’t undo the action.

B. If you choose to keep it unclaimed, it will be visible as unclaimed by anyone searching that NFT in the system by its index. That may increase its value on the marketplaces as somebody buying the NFT will receive all of the unclaimed perks, too.

2. Checking the Perks Status of Any BH Agent NFT by Searching their Index / Number

This will become a new routine for BH Agents Traders, or Buyers. Checking the perks of a BH Agent NFT is the first thing to do before buying it from marketplaces, as it will help you better understand the value of a BH Agent.

We look forward to revealing our next perks.

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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