BH Network Hub – Recap Q4 2022


The Launchpad will allow users to access the best cryptocurrency projects available on the MultiversX blockchain (ex Elrond) and BNB Chain, letting the users login and interact with those projects using Maiar, Ledger, and Elrond Web Wallet for a seamless experience.


Incubated Projects

Sense4FIT – A New Mint Record in MultiversX (previously Elrond) Ecosystem + Token Oversold

We are proud to announce we hit another record in the MultiversX ecosystem, selling 10,000 NFTs at the price of 1 EGLD per NFT, the Legendary Collection from Sense4FIT, in a record time of 7 minutes.

We also oversold their token $SFIT with an average of 3 times higher than the winning tickets; the statistics are the following at the time of sale:

Total $EGLD: 32,915.7
~USD Value: $1,803,122
Total Tickets: 36,573
Total Winning Tickets: 11,600


Future projects that will be part of BHero Launchpad:

  • Farm XYZ – Making Pro Yield Farming Friendly And Time Efficient Harvest The Defi Benefits Without Advanced Knowledge
  • Cosmic Factions – A Web 3.0 Ecosystem to Gamify Blockchain and Onboard Next-Gen Builders and Designers to Level Up the Gaming Experience.
  • goCharge – Limitless On-chain Charging for the Device Ecosystem, Ensuring They Keep Running Carefree on Web3.0

And another couple of projects to be announced in the following period.

As you may know, our plan is to continue expansion in a healthy manner being cross-chain. We are already BNB Chain compatible, ready to incubate projects on this chain, and also preparing to expand to Ethereum, Polygon, and other chains next year for a bigger pool of projects so the community can diversify their investments while bringing more adoption and utility to the governance token $BHAT.

q4 report 2022 1024x576 1

BHero Perks

An intuitive and simple-to-use Perks system for all BH Agents NFT holders has been added, which will serve as a hub for future benefits and partnerships that we will make in the future. The first partnership was created with KryptoDots.


BHero Services

As we saw a gap in the MultiversX ecosystem, we decided to offer our services to other non-incubated projects, planning to open the gates to other blockchains in the near future. This will create excellent visibility to the overall BH Network Hub and a steady cash-flow income for the companies.

The services we offer are:

  1. Crypto Marketing
  2. Project Audit
  3. Smart Contract Audit


BHero Level up – Phase 2 upgraded

We enabled BHAT-eGLD LP tokens in the level-up formula to incentivize the users to add liquidity in our BHAT-eGLD Liquidity Pool from

BH Network Hub

BH Network Hub with the token $BHAT is completely compliant according to FMA and Liechtenstein laws; that means, in short, we are ready and prepared from day 1 for any new regulation in the industry, including European MiCA law, and also happy to be part of the new generation of crypto projects that are fully legal from all points of view.

xDay by MultiVersX

As a Gold member, we participated in the first MultiVersX live conference in Paris, where we also had our own booth. Marius Grigoras, the CEO of BH Network Hub, and Petrica Butusina, CIO and Head of Bussiness, were present for the entire conference, networking, finding new possible partners and customers, also helping new startups such as GoCharge to pitch VCs and angel investors.

marius grigoras xday
marius grigoras xday

On-Ramp Services via Transak

BHAT tokens can be bought with Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any crypto asset using Transak on-ramp services.

First CEX Listing on BitMart

The BHAT token is now available as one of the most regulated exchanges, BitMart, giving another alternative to Maiar Exchange and Transak to deposit, trade, or withdraw.

Last but not least, after months of planning the legal part and developing the platform, we are almost ready to release the very first fully legal and compliant platform for freelancers, companies, and their customers, respecting the roadmap.

Other statistics:

BHAT – Governance Token

Holders: 53,073
Transactions: 168,691
Staked BHAT: 40,450,000 BHAT

BHero Launchpad

6,547users (>L1)
44,592 Total Levels

BH Agents NFTs

Total Volume: 7,907 EGLD

We would like to thank all of you for being part of this journey in these challenging times when the global economic sphere is not the greatest, but we are confident good times will come, as always. We wish you happy holidays and all the best in the coming year.

We are here to build scalable infrastructure.
We are all BHats and BHeroes.

The BH Network Hub Team.

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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