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The fitness industry has recently expanded beyond anything we have ever seen in the past. More people are looking to make space in their homes for fitness, and it is increasingly common to see people with dedicated fitness rooms in their homes to remove the requirement of traveling to a gym.

One indicator of the growth of this trend is the sales of fitness equipment, which started well before the COVID pandemic hit and is predicted to reach $4.4 billion dollars by 2024 in the United States alone (Esticast, 2020) [1].

Play2Earn (GameFi) has also taken off at a similar rate, giving people a gateway to the metaverse.

In fact, the gamification of decentralized finance NFT has created a new gaming model known as GameFi that features Free to Play, Play to Earn gaming. The GameFi model not only allows players to earn tokens while playing but also further monetize their assets via liquidity mining and yield farming [2].

Combining those two aspects, Sense4FIT has evolved a new model of gamification within the metaverse; Fit2Earn. Instead of playing to earn cryptocurrency, people can complete workout challenges and get nutrition and training advice, including wellness activities to work towards their best versions, while earning the native Sense4FIT token, $SFIT.

In light of this novel approach to Web3 use, the team here at BHero would like to announce that we are, as a company, investing in the Sense4FIT projects (tokens and NFTs).

We have made this decision based on two fundamental aspects:

To Help the Elrond Ecosystem

We strongly believe that the Elrond ecosystem is a breeding ground for new and exciting possibilities for the Web3 era, and BHero wants to be at the forefront of the growth and adoption of the decentralized future.

We want to support projects with actual use cases to get up and running with our help in legal, marketing, consultation, and providing public sale rounds. However, we also want to push projects in the right direction and show our skin in the game as a fully legally compliant incubator, proving that we truly support the projects we launch.

Provide Community Rewards

One of the core beliefs of the BHero team is that we should provide real opportunities and value to real communities. Therefore we will use part of this investment to reward the BHero community and long-term BHAT delegators alongside the Sense4FIT community.

To find out more about the Sense4FIT public sale, including the dates and prices, click here.

About BHero Launchpad

The first fully legal and regulated cryptocurrency launchpad on the Elrond Network after the Maiar Launchpad.

The goal of the BHero Launchpad is 2-fold:

  1. To increase adoption of the Elrond Network by onboarding the best Web 2.0 businesses into the Web 3.0 era. The BHero team vets every project, ensuring longevity and practicality of the products, applications, or services, as we are not looking for the next trend or swerve in blockchain movements; we prefer companies with direct impact on online or offline markets, avoiding temporary popularity.
  2. To provide a gateway to legal, tangible, and regulated cryptocurrency projects and NFTs for investors and enthusiasts. Spotting projects with great potential, the proper legal structure, and a professional team is not easy. The BHero team ensures that all the boxes are ticked so investors can be sure they are investing in high-quality projects.

About Sense4FIT

Sense4FIT is on a mission to revolutionise the Wellness Industry and help millions of people discover the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle by making fitness fun, exciting, and accessible through gamification, Fit to Earn (F2E), competitions with friends, and rewards.


[1] Van Der Mars, H., Siedentop, D. (2022). Introduction to Physical Education, Fitness, and Sport. United States: Human Kinetics.

[2] Metaverse Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to the Metaverse: Everything you need to know about Metaverse, NFT and GameFi. (2022). (n.p.): Liew Voon Kiong.


You must use this article for informational purposes only. Doing your own research and analysis before making investment decisions is essential. This article is not intended, and shall not be construed as, financial advice.

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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