BHero Launchpad Phase 2 – Upgrade 2


Are there any DeFi heroes out there? Well, this one is for you.

BHero Launchpad Phase 2 – Upgrade 2

Because, besides staking, providing liquidity is another way of being part of the BH Network Ecosystem, and because we want to reward every type of holder, we gladly announce to you that BHATWEGLD LP tokens have been added to the BHero leveling algorithm and, starting on September 19th will produce daily experience and make your BHero level up faster towards more tickets / NFTs allocation.

Have no Fear; a Higher Multiplier is Here!

Because we are aware of the impermanent loss issue, we created a special formula for the LP tokens that will give you more experience than if you stake the same value of USD worth of BHAT.

LP Multiplier = (1 + X / 250 * 3.5) * 2.5

X (Variable) = EGLD $Value / BHAT $Value

As a result, here is the Phase 2 full net daily experience formula:

Net Daily Experience Rate = (Staked BHAT / 250 * 3.5 + LP Tokens * LP Multiplier) + NFT Bonus * (Staked BHAT / 250 * 3.5 + LP Tokens * LP Multiplier) – Daily Experience Burn Rate

Higher multiplier, Lower Punishment

Not only have we increased the multiplier, but we have also set a lower punishment for removing liquidity by splitting the tokens of the LP Token. The liquidity removal punishment will be 20% of the level. (If a level 10 BHero removes liquidity, the new level will be 8)

Note: If somebody removes liquidity and unstakes BHAT from Metastaking on the same day, the punishment will be 40% of the level.

So Let’s Recap – Phase 2 Starting on September 19th as a Whole

Phase 2 – Upgrade 1

All the EGLD Staking removed from the BHero leveling algorithm.

Phase 2 – Upgrade 2

BHATWEGLD LP Tokens added to the algorithm with a higher multiplier and a lower liquidity removal punishment in the formula to suit the needs of the holders that prefer to have instant access to their tokens without the unbonding that is in place for the BHAT staking.

See the first Phase 2 article for more information about Phase 2 – Upgrade 1 below.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on our Telegram group.

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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