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BHero Levels Up to Cross-Chain Starting With BNB Chain

New Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers are frequently developed and becoming available for users. They come with various capabilities, each aiming to solve specific problems in the industry. Even though it might look fragmented and dispersed, significant steps are being taken regarding interoperability, breaking the boundaries between networks, and enhancing the user experience even more.

Today, the BH Network Web3 Hub and BHero Launchpad level up again and take a step forward in the Era of Interoperability, becoming Cross-Chain.


BH Network and BHero Increase Their Ecosystem Via BNB Integration

Thus we are glad to announce the first Cross-Chain integration: BNB Chain.
This integration will set new boundaries for the BHAT ecosystem in terms of adoption by onboarding new users and projects from other ecosystems.

bhero launchpad phase
bhero launchpad phase

Interoperability is the key element that will drive the global adoption of blockchain technology. Just as we now transfer money without thinking if the final destination uses Mastercard or Visa, we will also transfer value using blockchain without knowing what protocol will be behind it (Elrond, BNB, Ethereum, and so on).

Why is the BNB Chain First in our Cross-Chain Pipeline?

There are five primary reasons why the BH Network Hub decided to pursue this route. BNB is:

  1. EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, opening the gate for other EVM layer1 chains too
  2. One of the most popular chains with an extensive community
  3. One of the most comprehensive ecosystems led by Binance itself;
    • Binance is the number 1 exchange in the world,
    • TrustWallet is the number 1 wallet in the world,
    • compatible with Metamask – the most used extension wallet in the world, which is compatible with all of the top DEXs
  4. A fork from Ethereum – similar DeFi projects, code, and lots of tools
  5. Integrated with many Exchanges

BHero Launchpad aims to become one of the crypto ecosystem’s central adoption pillars and onboard the next wave of users on Elrond Network via its cross-chain approach.

While the primary ticket allocation system via BHAT Token Staking and Providing Liquidity remains on the Elrond Network, BHero Launchpad has fully integrated the launching infrastructure for a new stream of projects on the BNB Chain and is ready to take the full compliance incubation concept cross-chain and help others be heroes.

So, How Will Cross-Chain Work?

For the Elrond-based projects, nothing will change.

For BNB Chain projects, users will need to:

  • Level up in the same way as Elrond users to be eligible for the lotteries and NFT sales
  • Connect to the launchpad using an Elrond wallet (for checking up the BHAT level) and a BNB Chain wallet (aka Metamask or Trust Wallet)
  • Pay for tickets and NFTs using a BNB token (e.g., BUSD, USDT, etc.)
  • Receive the claimed tokens in their BNB wallet.

The dApp, backend, and SCs for BNB Chain infrastructure will be transparent for the end-user, and everything will be controlled via the same BHero dApp.

The main gate to the BHero Launchpad remains a BHAT wallet (coupled to Elrond Network) to which a BNB Chain wallet address can now be linked on, as explained above, by just connecting with a BNB compatible wallet (Metamask, WalletConnect, etc.).

Nothing changes in terms of ticket allocation.

For new users, we recommend reading the Levels System Article below:

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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