BHero x Farm XYZ – Yield Farming Simplified


We are excited to announce that the BH Network / BHero team is officially incubating Farm XYZ to create a simplified yield farming experience for everyone.

With thousands of investment opportunities and an extremely steep learning curve, yield farming is challenging. Still, it is a lot more challenging and sometimes hard enough to give up on for people new to gaining returns on their investments.

We will offer our complete support spectrum to onboard Farm XYZ to the BNB Chain and help it become one of the pioneers of simplified yield farming and a web3.0 trendsetter.


About Farm XYZ

Farm XYZ is being built by an experienced team of blockchain entrepreneurs, developers, and finance experts who have worked together for several years, building multiple projects on their journey.

Farm XYZ simplifies investing in liquidity pools and yield farms.

bhero x farm xyz
bhero x farm xyz


Yield farming is becoming more complex daily, with thousands of opportunities, but the learning curve is steep.


Farm XYZ is turning all those diverse opportunities into XASSETs. Each XASSET wraps the investment instrument into an ETF-like structure that automates all processes.

The XASSET interface will create an ETF structure that emits ERC20 tokens as fund shares on top of any decentralised set of instruments while also providing yield optimization. That allows the Farm XYZ platform to easily invest in, track and manage all those investments over time.

Using XASSETs you can invest in just 2 steps instead of 18.

Farm XYZ Milestones Hit So Far

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Why BHero is Incubating Farm XYZ

BH Network and BHero value the communities that allow builders to build. We also admire the projects that assist the communities in participating in their future and that of DeFi with real, sustainable business models.

Farm XYZ has shown a real solution to a real problem for beginners and some of the most seasoned crypto farmers. We want to help pioneer new technology in the industry with new ways of farming and help investors get the most out of their investments.

Projects with real, long-term business models that positively impact the community that helps to build them are the backbone of BHero.

– Marius Grigoras – CEO – BH Network

Why Farm XYZ Chose BHero

At Farm XYZ, we will build a central place for investors to discover the best yield opportunities, invest and track their investments.

Our mission is to bring yield farming solutions to everyone through a simple, transparent, and easy-to-use platform.

Hence, we were looking for launchpads that have awesome communities to share our product with and also offer full integration with the highest standards of Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Together we can all BHERO!

– Alex Mincu, CEO Farm.XYZ

About BHero & BH Network

The BH Network Hub currently comprises two projects:

BHero Launchpad

The first fully legal and regulated cryptocurrency launchpad on the Elrond Network after the Maiar Launchpad.

The goal of the BHero Launchpad is 2-fold:

  1. To increase adoption of the Elrond Network by onboarding the best Web 2.0 businesses into the Web 3.0 era. The BHero team vets every project, ensuring longevity and practicality of the products, applications, or services, as we are not looking for the next trend or swerve in blockchain movements; we prefer companies with direct impact on online or offline markets, avoiding temporary popularity.
  2. To provide a gateway to legal, tangible, and regulated cryptocurrency projects and NFTs for investors and enthusiasts. Spotting projects with great potential, the proper legal structure, and a professional team takes work. The BHero team ensures that all the boxes are ticked so investors can be sure they are investing in high-quality projects.

The Freelancing Marketplace:

The first freelancing marketplace with a complete footprint on the Elrond blockchain, removing borders and limitations.

The goals of the freelancing marketplace are:

  1. To allow buyers, sellers, and businesses from 180+ countries to access a freelancing platform. With the current rate of Elrond’s global adoption outweighing that of any FIAT freelancing platform, BH Network wants to offer more people a way to provide their services to the world in a safe and secure environment.
  2. To remove all the pain points freelancers, buyers, and businesses have with current FIAT work platforms. Freelancers and their customers have to battle a bias toward established sellers, high fees, fraudulent chargebacks, long payment wait times, and a smaller tallet pool than there should be. Elrond Blockchain technology, the BH Network custom Escrow Smart Contracts, and algorithms remove those pain points for a safer, more connected world workforce.
Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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