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The team behind CosmicFactions is a powerful force in the gaming niche, with more than twenty professionals in various fields, including marketing, design, art, and creativity. The team members already have vast experience working with companies such as HBO, Warner Bros, Hyperjungle, Capcom, EA games, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sparx Studio, Desert Owl Games, and more.

The blockchain-based, gamified virtual ecosystem will allow players and builders to consolidate and expand the eco-verse factions pegged to different theme-specific community NFT collections that serve as membership keys to the exclusive dystopian world of Vortal; a nexus that connects an infinite number of games (NanoVerses).

CosmicFactions is the first Metaverse that provides a multifaceted platform that integrates game development with a diverse community of cross-platform avatars in one place. Furthermore, everyone from players, designers, and game developers will receive rewards for their participation and creations.

Some of the features of the CosmicFaction ecosystem are:

  1. Cross-Platform Avatars – available in both 2D and 3D versions allowing them to be compatible with other gamified metaverses.
    The CosmoPad – an NFT launchpad, provides a never-ending flow of utility and features to avatars through partnerships.
  2.  The Vortal is a socializing gaming platform that uses your 3D avatars to meet, build, and more.
    A Retro Console – allowing anyone to build, share, and monetize games in a drag-and-drop style with custom APIs and UI.
    A Creators Marketplace – for game designers and developers to showcase their creations that are accessible on the Retro Console.

Social Media

If you would like to see more of the CosmicFaction’s work and how they are progressing with their gaming and NFT ecosystem, make sure to check out their social media channels below:

Team Members

A global team of specialists leads CosmicFactions in various areas, all looking to disrupt the current P2E industry by creating an extensive collection of developer tools, APIs, and intuitive user interfaces.

Visit their about page to view the team members and see more about their experiences.

Why BHero and CosmicFactions are Joining Forces

BH Network and BHero deeply admire teams passionate about building high-quality, long-lasting products with tangible backgrounds in their respective fields. 

Gaming is a continuously growing economy, and the Play-to-Earn business model is already thriving. CosmicFactions is not just building a P2E game but a complete Play-to-Earn and Create-to-Earn ecosystem ranging from the metaverse to a dedicated gaming platform and a creators marketplace, all designed to match the scalability of Web3 while utilizing the low latency properties of the Elrond ecosystem. 

There is a vast requirement for Web3 businesses with long-term impacts and endless demand, and CosmicFaction satisfies and exceeds all areas. 

These qualities are at the heart of BHeros goals.

Marius Grigoras – CEO – BH Network

Why Did CosmicFactions Choose BHero?

The team behind BHero has proven its ability to deliver outstanding products in the blockchain space, and they keep building. That is the same ethos that we here at CosmicFactions have.

The partnership between two teams with the same ideologies and goals is a simple yet effective strategy for long-term success. That is why it was a simple decision for us to choose BHero and the team behind the launchpad.

About BHero and BH Network


The BH Network Hub currently comprises two projects:

BHero Launchpad

The first fully legal and regulated cryptocurrency launchpad on the Elrond Network after the Maiar Launchpad.

The goal of the BHero Launchpad is 2-fold:

  1. To increase adoption of the Elrond Network by onboarding the best Web 2.0 businesses into the Web 3.0 era. The BHero team vets every project, ensuring longevity and practicality of the products, applications, or services, as we are not looking for the next trend or swerve in blockchain movements; we prefer companies with direct impact on online or offline markets, avoiding temporary popularity.
  2. To provide a gateway to legal, tangible, and regulated cryptocurrency projects and NFTs for investors and enthusiasts. Spotting projects with great potential, the proper legal structure, and a professional team is not easy. The BHero team ensures that all the boxes are ticked so investors can be sure they are investing in high-quality projects.

The Freelancing Marketplace:

The first freelancing marketplace with a complete footprint on the Elrond blockchain, removing borders and limitations.

The goals of the freelancing marketplace are:

  1. To allow buyers, sellers, and businesses from 180+ countries access a freelancing platform. With the current rate of Elrond’s global adoption outweighing that of any FIAT freelancing platform, BH Network wants to offer more people a way to provide their services to the world in a safe and secure environment.
  2. To remove all of the pain points that freelancers, buyers, and businesses have with current FIAT work platforms. Freelancers and their customers alike currently have to battle a bias toward established sellers, high fees, fraudulent chargebacks, long payment wait times, and a smaller tallet pool than there should be. Elrond Blockchain technology, the BH Network custom Escrow Smart Contracts, and algorithms remove those pain points for a safer, more connected world workforce.

About CosmicFactions

CosmicFactions is a blockchain-based, gamified virtual ecosystem that hosts a multitude of competing factions within one consolidated yet continuously expanding eco-verse.

It will power the new cross-dimensional era of play-2-earn, create-2-earn, and rent-2-earn by enabling seamless interactions between gamers, collectors, developers, and creatives.


We are convinced that the CosmicFactions team will deliver a game-changing experience for Web3 and the Elrond ecosystem while providing developers and gamers with tools and platforms to build an exceptional gaming experience for everyone involved.

If you want to learn more about this innovative gaming and building experience, visit the website

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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