Introducing X-Leverage – Peer-to-Peer Decentralized Lending & Borrowing Protocol on MultiversX


Greetings BHeroes,

Today, we are happy to introduce an innovative protocol that will operate on the MultiversX blockchain: X-Leverage.

The introduction of the X-Leverage lending and borrowing protocol in MultiversX aims to revolutionize traditional lending systems by reducing collateral requirements, potentially making capital more efficient. The protocol enables users to leverage assets, appealing to experienced traders seeking enhanced returns. Future plans include attracting liquidity providers to increase overall ecosystem liquidity and creating a diverse trading community.



While enhancing the user experience as a comprehensive financial services hub, X-Leverage emphasizes risk awareness, security, and user education. The team anticipates contributing to the evolution of decentralized finance in the MultiversX ecosystem in the coming months according to their litepaper.


Technical Insights:


  • xLeverage streamlines peer-to-peer creation of borrowing and lending offers.
  • Lenders earn fees on borrowed assets while borrowers provide collateral and match with lenders for under-collateralized leveraged trading positions.
  • A comprehensive breakdown is provided for lenders and borrowers, covering offer creation, matching, trading, collateral management, liquidation, and fee calculation.


Utility of $XLVRG Token:

  • Earn a real yield, collecting up to 50% of all platform fees accrued.
  • Receive $XLVRG tokens as rewards for lending assets, with rewards independent of asset borrowing status (offering both Simple and Boosted rewards).
  • Enjoy a 30% discount on fees when paid in $XLVRG.
  • Users can elevate their profile from level 0 to level 5, with higher levels entailing smaller fee percentages.


Upcoming Utilities:

  • Protocol governance
  • Access to risk mitigation possibilities
  • Token farming opportunities
  • Exclusive lending and borrowing offers within X-Leverage


Additional Information:


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does peer-to-peer mean? Peer-to-peer refers to direct interaction between individuals or entities without intermediaries, facilitating decentralized exchange of resources or services such as lending and borrowing.

How can I participate in the public sale? To acquire tickets, you need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Earn points by locking a batch of $BHAT tokens on this page: – 1 point = 1 Ticket, 8 Points = 8 Tickets.
  2. Complete KYC.
  3. Buy tickets

I still have questions. How can I speak with representatives of BHero and X-Leverage?

You can always find us on Telegram groups by visiting:


In conclusion, X-Leverage stands as a pivotal platform and onboarding hub for all participants interested in decentralized lending and borrowing within the web3 industry and MultiversX, aligning seamlessly with the broader DeFi landscape.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice. Always conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or blockchain project, and consult our terms and conditions page.

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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