BHero Launchpad Moving to Phase 2 on September 19th – Bootstrapping Period is Over


As your BHero level up, so does the Launchpad itself. We have multiple development phases to organically increase our BHAT token fundamentals. Today we are glad to announce the early bootstrapping period (Phase 1) is over and that the Launchpad is switching to being fully BHAT-focused for the system levels.

The bootstrapping period has been an accommodation time for the Elrond Network Community and EGLD holders that aimed to make them understand how the gamified BHero Launchpad ticket allocation system works and also get a scent of how the BH Network Hub executes to prove worthy of your investment.

From the 19th of September, we’re moving to phase 2, and the only gate to BHero Launchpad projects will be the BHAT staking. Stay tuned for phase 3.

What does the Change to BHAT-Only Mean?

We will stop counting staked EGLD (including the EGLD staked with MGStaking) towards leveling your BHero starting on the 19th of September. From then, only staked BHAT will provide EXP to launchpad participants.

Will BHero Participants get any Level Punishment due to Eliminating Staked EGLD from the Leveling Algorithm?

No, participants won’t get any punishment after Staked EGLD is eliminated from the algorithm.

Will Participants that Previously Benefited from the EGLD Staking Boost be Affected by the Burn Rate of their Current Level?

Unless participants stake more BHAT to increase their daily experience rate to match their current daily burn rate, their level will decrease at a very slow pace until the participant’s level reaches their maximum available level based on their stake.

Let’s See an Example to get the Point

John is Staking 1,000 BHAT and 14 EGLD

  1. John got to level 5 during the bootstrapping period in 156 days.
  2. John is now at his maximum level based on his stake (Level 5).
  3. John can’t go over level 5 because his daily experience rate is lower than the level 5 daily burn rate (21 < 21.36).After the bootstrapping period is over, John’s daily experience rate based on his 1,000 Staked BHAT changes from 21 to 14.
  4. John will not be able to sustain his current level’s burn rate as his daily experience decreased from 21 to 14.
  5. His level will start decreasing if he does not stake more BHAT to cover the burn rate with his daily experience rate (his new daily experience rate <14> is lower than level 4 burn rate <17.09>).
  6. At that point, he would need to stake 500 more BHAT to have the same daily experience rate as previously and remain at the same level.
  7. Unless he does so, his level will gradually decrease until it reaches his new maximum (1,000 Staked BHAT Max = 4). Level decreasing from 5 to 4 will take 80 days.

Should you have any questions, we will be available to answer them on our telegram groups.

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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