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Here at BHero, we understand the struggles of starting in the web3 sphere. We have done it ourselves and are helping others do the same via our launchpad. To help ease the pressure of the projects that do not make it or do not want to join our launchpad, we are introducing a new service – the BHero Audit.

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Overall Project Audit

An overall project audit will check the whole project from start to finish. We will check everything from your project name, social media presence, and website to the validity of your community (removal of bots, spammers, and scammers), smart contracts, goals, and plans to reach them, and everything in between.

This first step will highlight any areas we need to focus on, looking for ways to improve your product and finding the best possible ways to achieve your goals.

Tokenomics Verification

Tokenomics play a massive role in large and small investors’ decision-making. That is why we include a comprehensive audit of your tokenomics to see where they might find flaws and reasons not to invest and adjust them for a better overall outcome of your strategy.

Crypto Marketing Services

Project Token Use Cases and

A project and token are nothing without long-term use cases that people will find valuable. And the way that people decide to choose your project over a similar one (if there is one) is to look at your business and team fundamentals.

We will help you position yourselves and your project in the best possible way to encourage investors to see your project in the same light that you do.

Crypto Marketing Services

Global Positioning

When everything else is set, the BHero Audit team will assist you with positioning your new project in the global world of Web3. We will help with getting the following:

Connections suited to your requirements

Partners with similar goals

Venture Capital investors (VCs)

Angel investors



And more.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

A smart contract is a self-executing digital agreement between two or more parties that projects can use to automate various tasks, from simple transactions to complex processes. The terms of the agreement are written into code and stored on a blockchain.

The safety of smart contracts depends on their code. Like any software, smart contracts are only as good as the code they’re written in. That’s why having your smart contracts audited by a reputable firm is essential.

A crypto project audit checks everything that goes into building a project from the ground up. Everything must be checked, ensuring that your project is the best it can possibly be.

Yes, BHero can do either a full or partial audit based on your project requirements.

There is no easy pricing method for project audits. However, if you want to talk about pricing with a no-obligation call, we are always happy to speak to you.


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