Sense4FIT Project Update


Raising Web3 / Crypto start-ups is not an easy mission, especially if it is your first one. It is not a clean and clear journey, but one that sometimes comes with bumps and hard times. What is important is learning lessons when bumps are hit and acting responsibly.

Recently, Sense4FIT has hit a bump, being forced to refund 75% of the funds gathered via the Bullperks public sale launchpad. BullPerks’ new IDO rules require projects to stay above the IDO price until at least 50% of tokens are distributed to the community from the public sale. As the SFIT token price has not recovered and has been trading below the IDO price for over one week, they asked for a refund for all further distributions (75%).

Sense4FIT accepts it but wants to make it right with the main community and incubator that built them up while taking this bump as a great lesson.

So all the SFIT Tokens from the refund (75% of the allocation for the other launchpad) will be equally distributed per won ticket during BHero Launchpad Sense4Fit public sale.

For all the SFIT public sale investors on BHero, please check your wallets to find the refund, and make sure you join the Sense4FIT community for more information.

All things considered, such a bump does not change the results and the product executed by the Sense4FIT team.

With over 50K downloads, their mobile app is making some noise in the fitness app ecosystem, helping people reach their best selves.

The team has recently announced its Staking platform. So if you want to join their fitness ecosystem, staking your newly received tokens is one way to enhance your experience.

Eddie Munteanu

Eddie Munteanu

COO - Head of Marketing

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