Introducing: Build21 – European Real Estate Meets MultiversX

BHero Accelerator Theses | March 8, 2024

Greetings, BHeroes,

The time has finally arrived to announce a project that we have collaborated on for over three quarters, and we are happy to announce that they chose MultiversX to be their home on the blockchain.


Truly Real World Assets Meet MultiversX

This is a healthy sign of trust for the entire ecosystem, and we would like to publicly thank all of you out there. Without all BHeroes and the technology of MultiversX, what was a dream years ago for all of us soon will become a reality.

Build21 – Concrete & Blockchain

Build21, a European real estate development company, stands out as an innovator in the industry. Utilizing blockchain principles and infrastructure, the company reimagines real estate projects’ funding and community interaction aspects.

Founded by a group of individuals deeply passionate about construction, community development, and blockchain, Build21 is characterized by its wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, and a strong network. With a commitment to bringing a fresh and dynamic approach, Build21 aims to reshape the landscape of the Romanian real estate market.

Build21 – 21 #RWA Projects

Build21 emerged because its founders believe that Romania deserves better real estate. The vision is that the spaces we live, work and spend time in have a major impact on the quality of our lives.

The Build21 team intends to bring its vision to life through 21 real estate projects.

These spaces will be designed and executed to:

  • - contribute to the physical and mental health of those who live in them
  • - respect the architectural heritage and the specificity of the area in which they are developed
  • - lay the ground for future generations by building efficiently and durably and by optimizing resource consumption

Build21 – The Ecosystem

To build better real estate, Build21 decided to disrupt how real estate is financed.

Their goal is to decentralize the financing and decision-making power to the benefit of all stakeholders and society in general.

An ecosystem of engaged communities is set to be constructed around Build21.

The users – of the spaces they build: those who live, work, or simply spend time in them.

The investors – in the company and its projects.

The specialists – in construction and architecture are already part of the team, contributing to the conception and development of improved spaces for a better life.

Blockchain offers the perfect infrastructure to offer all members of the ecosystem good returns, perks and decision-making power.

By using over 20 NFT collections and lots of returns and benefits, Build21 designed a complex ecosystem of NFTs to empower each community and facilitate the fair distribution of value and decision-making power among each participant.

  1. - The Build21 collection consists of utility NFTs that offer access to all other NFT collections
  2. - 21 NFT collections, one for each real estate project they will develop
  3. - NFT collections for the specialists` and users` communities mentioned above

Build21 is the membership NFT that opens the door to our entire ecosystem. Without this NFT you cannot access our following collections and their benefits:

  • - discount on the purchase of a property built by us.
  • - vote on a variety of decisions regarding the company and the real estate projects.
  • - access to ecosystem events such as AMAs, project launches, etc.
  • - exclusive access to invest in the following 21 NFT collections, one for each real estate project developed.

While the Build21 NFT Collection offers you access and governance, the other 21 collections of NFTs associated with the real estate projects will be your revenue stream. 

Build21 – The Team

Backed by a vast and diversified team of industry professionals with a deep understanding of blockchain technology, Build21 is here to change the paradigm of the European crypto space. It aims to project a positive image, positioning itself as one of the early pioneers in demonstrating the power of decentralization and transparent, democratic investments with the assistance of MultiversX blockchain sharp technologies.

See the team here

Build21 x BHero – Utility NFT Public Sale

From the first NFT to the final brick, the Build21 and BHero communities are here to push boundaries and expand the horizons of the blockchain ecosystem in the real world, bringing more awareness and consolidating trust in the blockchain sphere.

Utilities of Build21 NFTs in the Business Ecosystem:

1. Exclusive Access to 21 NFT Collections:

– Holders gain exclusive access to the special 21 NFT collections, with each collection corresponding to a specific real estate project which generates revenue

– Each project has an estimated total return of 40%, providing a lucrative investment opportunity.

2. Discounts on Property Purchases:

– Build21 NFT holders enjoy discounts when purchasing properties developed by Build21.

– This benefit enhances the financial advantages of investing in the ecosystem.

3. Voting Rights on Company and Project Decisions:

– Holders have the privilege to participate in decision-making processes.

– Voting covers various aspects, including company decisions and those related to individual real estate projects.

4. Access to Exclusive Ecosystem Events:

– Build21 NFT holders are granted access to ecosystem events, such as Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and project launches.

– This fosters community engagement and provides a unique experience for investors.

5. Capital Allocation for Infrastructure Development:

– Funds raised through the Build21 collection contribute to developing technology infrastructure for investors and community members.

– The legal and fiscal infrastructure necessary for the operation of Build21 is also supported.

6. Project-Specific Benefits for NFT Holders:

– For each of the 21 real estate projects, NFT holders enjoy a total return estimated at 40%.

– Access to partner benefits related to products and services in each project, enhancing overall returns.

7. Community-Centric NFT Collections:

– Dedicated NFT collections cater to two crucial communities:

– Expert Community: Architects, engineers, contractors, urbanists, sociologists, real estate developers, and project managers. These individuals contribute their expertise to support Build21.

– User Community: Residents and users of the spaces developed by Build21, fostering a community that grows with each project.

Bottom line

This NFT ecosystem creates a dynamic investment environment, offering exclusive benefits, community engagement, and possible substantial returns for its participants.

Good things take time: More details regarding the public sale will become available once everything is ready to be revealed and meet MultiversX participants.

You can read more about the company by visiting the Build21 website here.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice. Always conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or blockchain project, and consult our terms and conditions page.

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