BHero x IXFI - Secure Crypto Trading (Next Gen CEX)

BHero Accelerator Theses | December 15, 2022

DeFi is rapidly gaining more attention, even if the cryptocurrency market conditions are more challenging nowadays. Despite this shift, a sizable portion of people is still poised to adopt cryptocurrency trading as a legitimate method of earning more income. Still, starting is harder for some, as people need more knowledge and experience – or fear losing money.

ixfi’s mission is to create a unique and intuitive space for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. We strive to be on the cutting edge of innovation, equipping users with simple yet powerful tools. So they can buy, sell, trade, or earn digital currency while learning more about crypto in an interactive environment.


ixfi: Setting the standard for GEN 3.0 exchanges

ixfi is a powerful GEN 3.0 crypto exchange designed to make digital currencies more accessible and simple. User-friendly experiences teach users the fundamentals of Blockchain products. Gamified onboarding will help users in an era of growth for cryptocurrency platforms, setting them apart as leaders in the new financial era.

Anyone can be a successful investor

Traders and investors of cryptocurrency face various challenges that can prevent them from achieving profitability by protecting their investments and making wise decisions. The market conditions are constantly changing, as are the regulations that govern them. This makes it difficult to stay on top of the game.

IXFI Preview

Despite its rapid growth, cryptocurrency adoption is still in the infancy stages, with only 10% of the world engaged. The challenge now lies in bringing crypto exchanges to a broader audience by creating an easier user experience and more innovative products than ever – an approach that ixfi is making to facilitate faster global transactions through crypto.

Gamified experience for mass adoption of Blockchain technology

With ixfi, users are empowered to experience seamless and secure transactions while we focus on expanding digital currency adoption. How? By making the crypto space easier to understand and transforming the onboarding experience into something rewarding.

Through gamified experiences, ixfi seeks to increase crypto adoption through Blockchain education and awareness for maximum impact when users utilize advanced technologies.

ixfi’s social media links

Accessing ixfi’s social media is easy! Whether you’re looking for the latest updates or want to join the community, getting connected with ixfi couldn’t be simpler:

Core Team

The ixfi core team is a committed, dedicated group of professionals who have worked together since day one to ensure the platform offers best-in-class software and services.

Cristian Andrei – Founder and CEO

Technology Entrepreneur with vast commercial and financial experience in businesses in private, public, and private equity environments.

Alexandru Badoi – Co-Founder and COO

An accomplished senior executive with experience in leading and scaling global technology businesses.

Shailesh Rajput – Co-Founder CTO

Diverse experience in businesses operating in Blockchain, Financial Systems and Fintech, Health-Tech and Freight Logistics management.

Alexandru Arghirescu – CMO

With over a decade of experience in the online industry, Alexandru A is a full-stack marketer & entrepreneur, passionate about utilising cutting-edge technology to assemble innovative teams and systems that push boundaries.

Why BHero is Launching IXFI

Adoption and expansion of the cryptocurrency sphere are at the heart of BH Network, BHero, and our community. Vision and determination are the building blocks that allow future sustaining business models to reach those goals.

IXFI is determined to increase adoption and knowledge in an area that will help the global cryptocurrency community to prosper and grow. Their fully compliant exchange respects all of the European norms within the industry, and they are partners with the most respected partners for KYC, AML, chainanalysis, and on-ramp solutions.


These projects with long-term and sustainable goals are at the epicenter of the BHero goals, and we fully support them.

Why IXFI Chose BHero

ixfi’s CEO & Co-Founder, Cristian Andrei, has expressed his trust and support in the long-term vision of BHero and ixfi through this great partnership. The decision to use BHero’s launchpad to offer users the ixfi token is a great opportunity and collaboration for both communities.

The impeccable reputation of our partners spoke for itself when we chose them. BHero has earned its trust and reputation through the successful projects it has launched in the past.

Like ixfi, BHero has Romanian origins and is made up of a team of dedicated workers. For this reason, but also thanks to the similar values of the companies, ixfi chose the BHero Launchpad thanks to its innovative benefits and long-term perspective.


BHero will be among the first to offer the ixfi token to their community. The BHero Launchpad is one of the first platforms where the ixfi token, a project of such an extent, will launch to investors.

For these reasons and more, it is clear that ixfi trusts in their partners’ capabilities at BHero and is proud to be among the earliest investors in this important project.

About BHero & BH Network

The BH Network Hub currently comprises two projects:

BHero Launchpad

The first fully legal and regulated cryptocurrency launchpad on the MultiversX after the xLaunchpad.

The goal of the BHero Launchpad is 2-fold:

  1. To increase adoption of the MultiversX Network by onboarding the best Web 2.0 businesses into the Web 3.0 era. The BHero team vets every project, ensuring longevity and practicality of the products, applications, or services, as we are not looking for the next trend or swerve in blockchain movements; we prefer companies with direct impact on online or offline markets, avoiding temporary popularity.
  2. To provide a gateway to legal, tangible, and regulated cryptocurrency projects and NFTs for investors and enthusiasts. Spotting projects with great potential, the proper legal structure, and a professional team takes work. The BHero team ensures that all the boxes are ticked so investors can be sure they are investing in high-quality projects.

The Freelancing Marketplace:

The first freelancing marketplace with a complete footprint on the MultiversX blockchain, removing borders and limitations.

The goals of the freelancing marketplace are:

  1. To allow buyers, sellers, and businesses from 180+ countries to access a freelancing platform. With the current rate of MultiversX's global adoption outweighing that of any FIAT freelancing platform, BH Network wants to offer more people a way to provide their services to the world in a safe and secure environment.
  2. To remove all the pain points freelancers, buyers, and businesses have with current FIAT work platforms. For example, freelancers and their customers have to battle a bias toward established sellers, high fees, fraudulent chargebacks, long payment wait times, and a smaller talent pool than there should be. MultiversX Blockchain technology, the BH Network custom Escrow Smart Contracts, and algorithms remove those pain points for a safer, more connected world workforce.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice. Always conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or blockchain project, and consult our terms and conditions page.

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