Locking, Staking, BHero Launchpad and BHero DAO

News & Education | May 4, 2023

We are glad to announce to you the 2 new ways of using BHAT (Locking & Staking) and the new product built on top of BHero Launchpad infrastructure: BHero DAO.


BHAT Locking will give 3 benefits:

  1. BHero Launchpad Allocation – participation in BHero incubated projects on MultiversX
  2. BHero DAO Allocation – participation in BHero DAO launched projects on MultiversX
  3. BHero DAO Governance – decisional power in BHero DAO – deciding what projects will be launched by BHero DAO

There will be 3 locking options based on the locking smart contracts.

  • Locking Option 1 – 6 months locking – allowing 1500 BHAT chunks – the wallet locking BHAT will get 1 point for every 1500 BHAT chunk
  • Locking Option 2 – 12 months locking – allowing 1250 BHAT chunks – the wallet locking BHAT will get 1 point for every 1250 BHAT chunk
  • Locking Option 3 – 18 months locking – allowing 750 BHAT chunks – the wallet locking BHAT will get 1 point for every 750 BHAT chunk

Lock $BHAT and get Points: click here

Locking details:

  1. Unlock is not available until the locking period is finished.
  2. After the locking period is finished, points are lost and users will have to unlock and lock again BHAT in the options above to get their points back and continue participating in BHero
  3. Launchpad and BHero DAO projects.
  4. Allocation will be based on the points resulting from locking. Tickets or NFT allocation per point ratios are to be announced before every public sale.
  5. For DAO Voting 1 point = 1 voting point
  6. There are no BHAT rewards for locking. BHAT rewards will result from Staking.
  7. Locking Smart Contracts allow only multiple chunk values to be locked.
  8. Locking is not capped.

BHAT Staking will allow users to connect to BH Network Rewards Pool.

There will be 4 stacking options based on the locking smart contracts for the first year (May 2023 – May 2024).

  • Flexible Staking – No locking – 5 days unbonding – 8% APR (Staking CAP – 10,000,000)
  • Locked Staking Option 1 – 3 months locking –  no unbonding – 12% APR (Staking CAP – 30,000,000)
  • Locked Staking Option 2 – 6 months locking –  no unbonding – 18% APR (Staking CAP – 20,000,000)
  • Locked Staking Option 3 – 12 months locking –  no unbonding – 28% APR (Staking CAP – 20,000,000)

Staking details:

  1. Rewards are distributed every epoch (24h)
  2. Users can claim rewards and restake them if Staking CAP is not reached.
  3. Users can’t stake over the Staking CAP.
  4. The staking capacity is to be filled on a first come first served rule, so the APR is fixed/guaranteed.

BHero DAO is an addition built on top of BHero Launchpad Infrastructure. It will allow projects to apply for launching in front of the BHero Community. 

How will this system work?

  1. Projects apply to be launched on BHero DAO
  2. BHero Team checks the projects’ legal documents and does KYC/KYB for the projects’ team.
  3. A proposal is written and launched for the BHAT locking users.
  4. A DYOR period starts in which BHAT locking users do their research about the project included in the proposal and the project can explain their project on BHero DAO Stage and answer to BHero Community questions to make their product clear for everybody.
  5. After the DYOR period voting on-chain starts based on the proposal.
  6. If voting conditions are met, the project will be launched using BHero Launchpad Infrastructure based on the proposal details (max amount, number of tokens, number of NFTs, and all the other details included)

BH Agents NFTs within BHero DAO

BH Agents NFTs will also count during the voting process. Each BH Agent comes with voting points. There will be a snapshot before each voting period and wallets will be allocated extra voting points based on all the BH Agents from the wallet and their ranks.

1 Private – 1 Voting Point

1 Green Corporal – 2 Voting Points

1 Blue Sergeant – 4 Voting Points

1 Red Sergeant Major – 8 Voting Points

1 White Lieutenant – 12 Voting Points

1 Grey Captain – 24 Voting Points

1 Black Major – 48 Voting Points

Golden Colonel – 100 Voting Points

Voting Points from all the NFTs sum up with all the voting points resulting from locking BHAT. For example, if a user has 10 voting points from locking BHAT and 5 Privates in his wallet, he will get 15 voting points during the ongoing proposal.

A great reminder at this point would be that BH Agents will continue 2 important perks:

  1. Randomly allocated Guaranteed Tickets during Token Public Sales and WL during NFT Public Sales
  2. Perks from various partners

*Note: keep in mind that Guaranteed Tickets during Token Public Sales and WL during NFT Public Sales are linked to BHAT locking too, which means having enough points (resulted from BHAT locking) and buying the whole allocation are still needed.

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