Introducing Yoosend – DePIN Cloud Storage Meets Blockchain

BHero Accelerator Theses | March 6, 2024

Greetings BHeroes,

We are excited to announce that the innovative DePIN project has decided to collaborate with BHero for its public sale phase.Yoosendhas demonstrated its dedication over the past years by establishing the foundational infrastructure, including the hardware device "Qube" and a feature-richmobile app.

With an economically viable model, Yoosend aims to democratize and decentralize the cloud storage platform. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals worldwide to contribute to decentralized world data and generate passive income by owning a Qube, all without any hands-on involvement.


Yoosend x BHero

Yoosend is a transformative solution that redefines cloud storage by harnessing the power of decentralization. By employing a model that distributes data storage across a network of individual servers owned and operated by users, Yoosend not only enhances security and privacy but also democratizes the concept of data storage.

How Yoosend is Revolutionizing Cloud Storage

Yoosend’s unique technology, named QUBE, represents a paradigm shift in cloud storage. By organically decentralizing the core structure of cloud storage, Yoosend empowers individuals and businesses to access unlimited storage potential, thereby unifying the best economic aspects of Web2 and Web3.

The QUBE Technology

QUBE stands as a best-in-class standalone storage device, offering a range of capabilities that set it apart in the market. Individuals who purchase and set up a Qube server become integral parts of Yoosend’s cloud storage network.

How It Works: Users can purchase Yoosend’s custom-designed servers, named ‘Qube’, and connect them to the network. Each server acts as a node, contributing storage space to the ecosystem. These nodes work together to store, encrypt, and process data, making it available to users worldwide

Benefits for Server Owners: Individuals who purchase and set up a Qube server become integral parts of Yoosend’s cloud storage network. Not only do they contribute to a more secure and efficient cloud environment, but they also earn passive income. This income is generated from renting out a portion of their server’s storage capacity to other users, creating a lucrative opportunity for server owners.

For Consumers and Businesses: Consumers and businesses looking for secure, reliable, and affordable cloud storage can rent space in the Yoosend ecosystem. They benefit from a system that offers enhanced data security, thanks to the decentralized nature of the network, and enjoy competitive pricing. This decentralized model also means that data retrieval can be faster, as it may be stored on a nearby node rather than a distant centralized data center.


Yoosend’s technical architecture is the foundation of its revolutionary approach to cloud storage. By combining cutting-edge technology with a user-centric design, Yoosend ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient data storage experience for users worldwide.

Read more about the Qube: Here

The All-In-One Mobile App

The Yoosend team is delighted to announce that the mobile app is poised for its initial public launch, showcasing their unwavering commitment to their products.

The comprehensive mobile application offers a myriad of features, enabling users to manage their cloud space, Qube devices, community, and NFTs in a single place.

Furthermore, it facilitates advanced interactive chat with friends, file and folder sharing, and a gamified universe with quests, items, and boosted earnings for active members.

Yoosend App

Centralized Dashboard for the Decentralized World

All these features have undergone rigorous testing and are now ready for public use, embodying Yoosend’s dedication and readiness to be deployed.

Read more about the Mobile App: Here

Conclusion and Future Plans

The Yoosend team has dedicated years of hard work to develop their products, and they are now poised to integrate them with the blockchain. Once the initial paths are completed, they will host their public sale on BHero, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

We, the BHero team, extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire community for their unwavering support, which has been instrumental in their decision to choose BHero. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from Yoosend.

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