Globees – Public Sale on BHero – Blockchain Meets Vacation Rentals

BHero Accelerator Theses | November 20, 2023

In the rapidly evolving digital world, revolutionary concepts are transforming traditional industries. Gloobes, a novel platform based on the Web3 and powered by the MultiversX blockchain, is redefining the vacation rental industry by implementing ecologically responsible and sustainable practices within a decentralized framework.

Blockchain Meets Vacation Rentals

With its unique offering, Gloobes is pioneering the integration of blockchain technology into real-world businesses. This innovative approach facilitates efficient, transparent, and trustworthy transactions, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries while maximizing profitability.


MultiversX Blockchain

The MultiversX blockchain, a cornerstone of the Gloobes ecosystem, enables precise tracking of assets. Users can access the platform’s decentralized application (dApp) to manage wallets, mint or stake Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and claim rewards.

The Gloobes Ecosystem

The Gloobes ecosystem is designed to create value for all stakeholders. It aims to disrupt the traditional travel industry by eliminating the misaligned incentives of third-party platforms and evenly distributing control and economic value among contributors.

Beesers and Globers

Within the Gloobes community, two primary roles exist: Beesers and Globers. Beesers, the project investors, can mint NFTs to generate passive income. On the other hand, Globers use the platform similar to other booking platforms but with a unique ecosystem that transforms travel into an experience.

Rewards System

Staked NFTs allow Beesers to participate in an annual lottery process (Raffle). Every year, 11 weeks of rental for each property owned by Gloobes are offered to Beesers, with allocations based on DAO tier.

DAO and Community

As a $BEE token holder, users become members of the Gloobes DAO, enabling them to vote on significant decisions. NFT holders are part of the Gloobes community and can access exclusive discounts and benefits on the platform.

Ecosystem Advantages

Gloobes offers numerous advantages to its users, including a limited number of NFTs, a reward-boosting system, and rental discounts for NFT owners. Additionally, it provides a lottery system offering 11 weeks of rental per property per year.

Team and Partners

The Gloobes team comprises highly skilled individuals with innovative mindsets, committed to making this ambitious project a success. The team has carefully selected partners to ensure a service that meets users’ high expectations.

Korso Tlemsani Hakim  – Founder & CEO – LinkedIn

Fernando Lillo Aranda  – CMO – LinkedIn

Sonia Da ConÇeicao  – DA Project – LinkedIn

Alexandre Frémont  – CTO – LinkedIn

Fedia Benammar  – Business Project Manager – LinkedIn

Kahina Achour Tani  – Real Estate Asset Manager – LinkedIn

José F.Aznar  – Blockchain Project Manager / Ambassador MultiversX Spain – LinkedIn

Sergi Valero Pujol  – dApp Development Manager / CEO Moonlorian – LinkedIn

Hugo Manteau  – Ecosystem Advisor / CEO QoWatt – LinkedIn

Jérémie Cohen  – General Advisor / Co-Founder & COO N3rdGame- LinkedIn

Axel Lavoie  – Dev FullStack Senior – LinkedIn

David Brooks  – Social Media Manager – LinkedIn

Ingrid Ventura  – Design graphic / Illustrator – LinkedIn

Marie Rougier  – Design Architect / Interior Design – LinkedIn

Gloobes and BHero Launchpad

The public sale of Gloobes tokens will be hosted on the BHero Launchpad, a renowned blockchain incubator bridging the gap between traditional businesses and blockchain technology.

Gloobes Community

Gloobes Website



Telegram International

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As blockchain technology continues to penetrate various sectors, Gloobes stands out with its unique approach of combining vacation rentals with blockchain. With its public sale hosted on BHero Launchpad, Gloobes aims to take a significant step towards realizing its vision of an ecologically responsible and sustainable vacation rental platform.


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