Inspir3 – Multi-Brand Lifestyle Loyalty and Rewards Meets Blockchain

BHero Accelerator Theses | March 26, 2024

Hello BHeroes,

We are thrilled to announce that we are incubating Inspir3 – a project that harnesses the power of Blockchain technology to revolutionize and decentralize loyalty and rewards programs from major retailers such as Starbucks, H&M, Ikea, Carrefour, and more.


Loyalty and Rewards Programs Turbocharged

Inspir3 aims to redefine current Web2 Loyalty and Rewards systems by utilizing blockchain and NFTs to enhance efficiency and security in a crucial aspect of all businesses: customer acquisition and retention.

Inspir3 x MultiversX x Itheum

When searching for a secure, fast, and user-friendly Blockchain ecosystem, MultiversX was the obvious choice. Additionally, through the integration of the Itheum protocol, Inspir3 empowers users to control their own data and reap the benefits from it.


How Inspir3 is Supercharging the Retail Experience

By collaborating with innovative companies like Itheum, Inspir3 has capitalized on the power of their newly developed asset: Data NFTs, and introduced Loyalty 3.0. This unified program allows consumers to receive discounts, cash backs, and exclusive perks from their favorite brands, and even claim rewards from one brand to spend with another.

This innovative approach enables users to trade rewards they don’t need for ones they do, ensuring that every benefit they receive is meaningful. Furthermore, Inspir3 has focused on building a powerful referral system to reward early-stage participants.

For more details, you can find out more here.

Big Retail Companies Already Onboarded

Through partnerships with major retail companies like Ikea, Starbucks, and Decathlon, Inspir3 demonstrates the eagerness of the retail industry to support a well-designed sustainable program, fostering great synergy with the Web3 communities that are equally enthusiastic about real-life blockchain technology applications.


Inspir3 – The Team

The Inspir3 team comprises senior experts with a strong background in building in Web3, dedicated to driving the success of this ambitious project.

  • Cătălin Bărăscu – Co-Founder & CEO – Linkedin
  • Ciprian Iacob – Co-Founder & Co-CEO – Linkedin
  • Eddie Nuță – Co-Founder & CTO – Linkedin
  • Răzvan Stătescu – Co-Founder & Chief Architect – Linkedin

Inspir3 x BHero

BHero is dedicated to merging Web3 technology with Web2 in a seamless manner, making projects like Inspir3, with a team of senior experts, a perfect fit. We are thrilled to bring our community such an innovative project, accelerating retail adoption and ensuring a user-friendly experience.

The genesis NFT collection, “The Founders”, will offer unprecedented benefits for holders, including access to the Inspir3 app, participation in the global referral program, and tradable rewards. The NFT minting will be hosted on the BHero Launchpad, a renowned blockchain incubator bridging traditional businesses and blockchain technology.

Bottom Line

Utilizing Data NFT power, Inspir3 aims to cultivate a dynamic reward landscape, offering exclusive advantages, community involvement, and significant benefits for its users and businesses alike. Further details about the NFT minting event will be unveiled once all preparations are finalized.

For more insights into the project, feel free to explore the Inspir3 website.

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